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I help millennial women uncover their Soul Purpose and change careers.

All of that with joy, confidence and ease in only 10 weeks. 


uncover what you want


Uncover what you want

Do you wonder what it is you want in life? And do you want to figure this out in just one afternoon? Then the e-book “Uncover What You Want’ is perfect for you!

Get the clarity, meaning, and direction you’ve been longing for!

Coaching program

1-0n-1 online coaching

Uncover your soul purpose program

Do you want to know what kind of work will make you feel happy and on purpose? Then this 10 week 1-on-1 program is for you! In this program, you’ll uncover your Soul Purpose, find the work you’re meant to do, and prepare for your risk free career change!

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Uncover What You Want

Figure out what you want in life in just one afternoon.

new e- book'uncover what you want" now