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Why Knowing What You Want Is Important

How to know what You Want in life

Knowing what you want in life is extremely important. It determines your direction in life. It makes you determined and it bring clarity. (Not) knowing what you want influences the choices you make and therefore the direction of your life.

When you don’t know what you want, life happens to you. It’s like you’re driving in a steer less car.

Also, if you want to know your Soul Purpose, knowing what you want can help. In this video, I talk about this. Also, I share how you can uncover what you want in life.

How to uncover what you want

In this video, and this blog, I talk about a powerful question that you can ask yourself that will help you

** E-book Uncover What You Want**

Uncover what you want in life - e-workbook

Uf you’re looking for guidance when it comes to uncovering what you want, this e-book is for you!

In the e-book ‘Uncover What You Want‘, you will find 5 actionable exercises that will help you get to the core of what you want in life, and how to make your desires your reality. With the help of this e-book, you can get clear on what you want in just one afternoon. Amazing right?!

You can buy the e-book here: https://haileynoa.com/uncover-what-you-want-ebook/

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Uncover What You Want - blog
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I’m the coach for the millennial woman who’s ready to know and live her Soul Purpose. That’s why I help you uncover what you’re meant to do in life and turn that into a profitable dream career. Enjoy the free blogs and videos that will help you with this!

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Free Purpose Workbook

Uncover your purpoae

Download this free ‘Uncover Your Soul Purpose in 15-minutes’ Workbook. It’ll help you get clear on what it is that you want in life. AND, it free!

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How to know what You Want in life

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Uncover What You Want

Figure out what you want in life in just one afternoon.

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