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Why 73% of millennial women are unhappy in their job

by Hailey Noa

Why 73% of millennial women are unhappy in their job

A recent study showed that 73% of millennial women are unhappy in their job. 73%! That is quite a shocking number. In this blog, I’ll explain why so many millennial women are unhappy in their job. Also, I’ll talk about what you can do to change this.

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The reason why 73% of millennial women are unhappy at work

The most important reason why so many millennial women are unhappy in their job is because they’re on the wrong path. They’re in a job that is not aligned with their purpose, leaving them feeling unhappy, stuck and unsatisfied.

In my coaching practice, I see this too. Women come to me because their work is not lighting them up. They feel that they are made for something more, but in their job, they’re not able to fulfill that. That’s why they end up feeling stuck and frustrated because they’re on a path that’s not making them happy and they don’t know how to change this.

Why women choose the wrong career path

The mean reason why millennial women tend to be on the wrong career path is because they’re trying to live up to expectations from others. They try to live up to the expectations of their parents, society, and friends. And because of that, they don’t choose a career that is close to what they love. Instead, they choose a career that will give them status, security, and a good paycheck. Think of traditional jobs like lawyers, doctors, accountants, bankers, engineers, etc.

Although this is fully understandable (I did this too), this is not how you pick a career that’ll make you happy. If you pick a career based on expectation or external factors like status and money, chances are that you’ll end up in a job that isn’t a good match.

When you try to live up to expectations, you’re focusing on creating a perfect outside picture. But with that, you ignore your inside world. You ignore your true desires and you ignore jobs that might fit you better.

That is why most women at some point come to realize that they’re unhappy in their job. Not all of those women will realize that it’s because they are on the wrong path. But since you landed on this blog, chances are that you are aware of this.

First your Soul Purpose, then your job

When you want to find a job that’s going to make you happy, it’s important that you first uncover what your Soul Purpose is. Your Soul Purpose is basically you’re lives mission. Tit’s the thing that you came on this earth to do. The way in which you’re going to leave your mark on this planet.

After you’ve uncovered your Soul Purpose, you can find out what jobs will fit your purpose, based on your personality, skill, values, etc.

When you search for a job based on your Soul Purpose, you’re more likely to find a job that you will truly love. Because in this job, you’ll always be working on your higher mission. And it will also be fully aligned with who you are and what you value in life.

You can change your reality

A few years ago, I too was one of those 73% of millennial women. I went to law school and I became a lawyer. But working life wasn’t what I hoped that it would be. I was unhappy in my job and most days, I felt flat out miserable.

Knowing why I was unhappy in my job, gave me the courage to leave my legal career behind and make a fresh start. And now I can tell you that I’m no longer unhappy in my work :-).

If this is possible for me, it’s also possible for you. If you’re unhappy in your job, start taking action. Figure out why you’re unhappy and do what you need to do to change this. You deserve to be happy. So start taking action today and with that, change your reality.

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Why 73% of millennial women are unhappy with their job

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