What is a soul purpose and do you have one?

What is a soul purpose and do you have one?

More and more people are waking up to the fact that they have a Soul Purpose. If you’re one of those people, it could be that you’ve realized that your life isn’t as purposeful as you’d like. You don’t feel fulfilled. And your work doesn’t give you as much joy as you would like it to.

You too want to know what your Soul Purpose is. But what is ‘Soul Purpose’? What does it mean to have one? And do you really have a Soul Purpose? I’ll be talking about all of this, in this blog!

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Your life’s mission

I believe that everyone has a Soul Purpose. Your Soul Purpose is your life’s mission. It’s your calling. It’s the thing that you’re meant to do on this earth. It’s the reason why your soul came to this earth and it’s how you’re going to leave your mark.

The fact that you’ve landed on my website, is an indication that on some level, you also believe that you have a Soul Purpose and you’re ready to uncover yours! Amazing!

Your job and Soul Purpose aren’t the same

Now that we’ve established the definition of what a Soul Purpose is, it’s also important to point out what isn’t your Soul Purpose.

It’s often thought that purpose and work are the same things. But, there not. As said, your Soul Purpose is your life’s mission. It’s what you came to this earth to do. It’s the ultimate life goal that you want to achieve in life.

Your job is how you bring your Soul Purpose to life. You only have 1 Soul Purpose. But you can bring this to life through many different kinds of jobs. How you bring your Soul Purpose to life, can also change throughout your life. But the main mission will always stay the same.

I’ll clarify this with an example.

Let’s say that your Soul Purpose is to help children become fit and healthy. There’re many different jobs through which you could bring that Soul Purpose to life. You could be a sports coach, a nutritionist, a healthy food blogger, a spokesperson at schools, etc. These are all jobs through which you can live your Soul Purpose. But those jobs aren’t your Soul Purpose. Your Soul Purpose is the impact that you make by doing your job: making children healthy and fit.

What is your Soul Purpose?

In my coaching program’s I always figure out 2 important things. We first uncover what your Soul Purpose is. After we’ve established that, we figure out through what job you can bring your Soul Purpose to life in a way that’ll make you happy. I use my Conscious Clarity Method to help you uncover your Soul Purpose. If you want to know more about how this works, check out my Work With Me page.

Now I’d love to hear from you: Do you know what you’re Soul Purpose is? Leave your reply in the comment section!


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