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What is a cacao ceremony?

by Hailey Noa

Cacao ceremony amsterdam

Have you been hearing more and more about a thing called a “cacao ceremony”? And do you wonder what this is exactly and why you should consider attending one?
Look no further! In this blog, I will tell you all about it!

What is a cacao ceremony?

A cacao ceremony is a sacred shamanic ritual that has been gifted to us by the Mayan and Aztec tradition. Cacao helps you to awaken spiritually. It quiets the mind, opens your heart and brings you in touch with your true self. 

From this place of deep connection, you can tap into the wisdom of your Soul and receive the guidance and insights that you’re longing for. 

In a cacao ceremony, you drink ceremonial cacao with a clear intention for guidance. After that, you journey into yourself with the help of a Soul Journey meditation, breath work, music and/or ecstatic dance. 

The loving Spirit of Cacao will guide you to your true essence and give you everything you’re longing for and more!

What we do in my cacao ceremony

During a cacao ceremony, you drink a ceremonial dose of cacao (35 grams), after you’ve set your intention for your ceremony and soul journey.

After drinking the cacao, you will be led into a transcendent Soul Journey meditation. During this guided meditation, you will go on an inner journey in which you will tap into the wisdom of your Soul with the help of mother cacao. From this place you can receive the answers and insights that you’re longing for.

In my ceremonies I also use music, singing and sound meditation. These vibrations will help to open you up. This will help you experience the magic of mother Cacao even more. There will also be sharing in the circle, and (journaling) exercises. 

After the cacao ceremony, you will feel relaxed, energized, connected, happy, and maybe even a bit enlightened.

Please note: cacao is not a drugs or psychedelic. Cacao is a safe plant and won’t make you high or hallucinate.

Why does ceremonial cacao work?

Cacao activates the blood flow in the brain (amongst other things). This has a positive effect on a mental, physical and spiritual level. It helps to undo blockages and allow life energy to flow. Next to that, cacao contains many healing and healthy ingredients such as magnesium, protein, potassium, antioxidants and more. It also energizes and gives you a feeling of bliss.

Renaissance of cacao​

There is a Mayan legend that says that cacao will return to the people when there is a disbalance between people and nature that needs to be restored.

At the moment we are in the renaissance of cacao, and cacao has been coming back to the people in the last 20 years, in an intercultural way.

Because now more than ever, humanity needs to remember their connection to nature and the Divine. That is why the medicine of cacao is coming back to people from all over the world, and all cultures, so we can all remember who we truly are.


Do you want to experience the magic of cacao yourself, and do you also want to connect to your Soul?
Join one of my cacao ceremonies!

You can find all the information that you need over here.

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I'm a Soul Purpose Expert, Cacao Guardian, Mantra Musician and Spiritual Mentor.

I help you experience your Soul with the help of cacao ceremonies, Soul journey meditations, and coaching. Because you are meant to do amazing things on this earth, and your Soul knows what it is!

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