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Do you feel stuck in your life and in your career? The career path you once chose was supposed to be so great, fulfilling and meaningful. But the reality is, that it’s not. You’re not living up to your full potential and you just know that you were put on this earth for something else. Something more. Something amazing! You can feel in every fiber of your being that you have a meaningful purpose. But you don’t know what that is.

Girlfriend, I hear you!

Just a view years ago, this was my story. I was working as an employment law lawyer and I was dying on the inside. My entire life I worked hard to secure that corporate career that would give me a great income, status and “self-worth”. When I had finally landed that corporate job, it just wasn’t what I had expected. I felt unfulfilled and miserable every day.

It wasn’t until I suffered a burn-out cause by childhood trauma’s and stress, that I finally had the courage to acknowledge that I wanted more for myself. “I did not survive my childhood circumstances to be an unhappy adult. I have a purpose much greater than this and my life is supposed to be meaningful.”, I told myself. At the same time, I had no clue what that purpose was. That is how my soul searching and self-discovery began.

It took me a whole lot of searching and digging, but I have found my purpose: helping ambitious millennial women raise their consciousness so they can find their soul purpose too. And let me tell you, life finally is how I imagined it to be!

Free “Uncover Your Soul Purpose Workbook”

Your soul purpose is waiting for you and I want to help you find it. That is why I’ve created the free “Uncover Your Soul Purpose Workbook”. This will give you a good start on your soul purpose finding journey.

Uncover your soul purpose workbook

In the workbook you’ll find 10 questions that helped me the most on my purpose finding journey. I’m sure these questions will help you too!

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