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What do I want in life. Uncover What You Want



Figure out what you truly want in just 1 afternoon,
and give direction, meaning, and & purpose to your life.

You don't know what you want in life

Your job isn’t making you happy. That’s one thing you know.

But you have no idea what to do about it. You have no clue what your next steps should be. 

Heck, most days you’re not even sure what you want for dinner.
How are you going to figure out what career path will make you happy? 

Not knowing what you want, makes you feel stuck and lost.

What you do know is that you:

If only there was a easy way to figure out what you want once and for all...

You have tried to figure out what you want many times before...

You've asked to your friends and family

You've Googled till your fingers blue

You’ve read blogs and books, listened to podcasts, binged YouTube

What you found was inspiring, sure.
But it never helped you get to the core of what YOU want. 

What if you could figure out what you want in just one afternoon?

All of that from the comfort of your own home.
Without the need to hire a coach or go over an expensive course?

Would you want that? 

Well my dear, YOU CAN!

Hi, I’m Hailey
! As a Soul Purpose & Career Coach I help women get clear what they want in life, why they want it, and how to make it happen. Knowing what you want is the first step of uncovering what your purpose is, so it’s pretty important.

As a former unhappy lawyer, I know what it feels like to not know what you want in life. At some point I knew that being a lawyer wasn’t my calling. But I also didn’t know what I wanted to do instead or where to find clarity.

Nowadays, I’m a certified coach and I help women figure out what their purpose is and what kind of work they’re meant to do in life. This all starts with figuring out what your deepest desires are.

In less than 2 years, I’ve helped 100+ women on their journey of uncovering their Soul Purpose and creating their destiny life. So, I know how to help you get clarity on your desires. It’s kinda part of my “thing”.



A digital workbook with 5 actionable exercises that’ll help you figure out what you want.

For once and for all.

And all of that in only one afternoon.


In this e-book you’re not going to focus on what “things” you want. We’re going to dive a layer deeper. You’re going to get to know yourself better and get in touch with your deepest desires.

Once you know that, you can figure out what step you need to take to make your desires become your reality.

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Who is this workbook for?

The Uncover What You Want e-book is perfect for you if you want to:


know what you want in life

take the first step to uncovering your purpose

change careers

have more meaning, purpose and direction in your life

Clarity on what your next steps will be for a purposeful future

get to know yourself better

e-book - uncover what you want

After finishing the e-book you will:

Sounds good, right?

What's included

Uncover what you want in life - ebook


Uncover What You Want

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Uncover What You Want

Figure out what you want in life in just one afternoon.

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