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My Happy Clients

SARAH, Intuitive Life Coach

“Hailey, thank you so much for the coaching sessions we spent together. My intentions for the sessions were to dig deeper into my Soul Purpose and gain clarity around that, as well as how I can serve others by applying my purpose to my new Business. You held such a beautiful, safe space for me to share and I felt so comfortable. 
The guided meditation was wonderful and being able to ask my soul the deep questions and get some very clear messages was so special and I am so grateful for you holding that space for me. I have gained so much more clarity around my Purpose and how this can align with my Business moving forward, I can step into that new chapter with ease and feeling very supported. Thank you once again for such a wonderful experience”.

ALICIA, Talent Trainer

“Hi Hailey, I just had to drop you a message because I am so glad our paths crossed and that I got to work with you!

I was feeling really unsure of my soul purpose before and it was stopping me from moving forwards with my business because I wasn’t feeling too confident about my niche, but under your expert care, I finally feel FULL of clarity and direction! ⚡

We went so much deeper into my subconscious than I had ever been before but your experience and expertise made that journey magical, insightful and transformational ✨ Learning my soul purpose from that place felt so ‘right’ and I’ve felt sure of myself and unwavering ever since because I understand what drives me from a whole new level of understanding.

Thank you so much once again for your help, and for everything you’re doing! I’m forever grateful to you! 🙏🏽💜”

These women found their soul purpose & business direction

SAPNA, ex-lawyer

I’m so thankful for our time together! I loved working with you, I’m so happy that I uncovered my true Soul Purpose. I came to you because I was overthinking the direction of my business. This was stopping me from taking important next steps. My aim was to get clear on who I was going to help, what that was going to look like, and how I was going to do that. We achieved just that, and my business started to take off since working with you!

You made me feel so comfortable. You asked really thought-provoking questions and the meditations we did were amazing! Also, you helped me tune into my heart, and taught me how to lead from my intuition, rather than leading with my head. To me, this is so important when you want to lead a business that is heart-centered. I loved working with you, and I would 100% do it again and recommend anyone else to do that too!

HEATHER, Booze Coach

I really wanted to work with you because I have gone round in circles for a long time trying to get clear on a niche that feels meaningful to me. I have felt so close to it but couldn’t quite articulate it in my words. I knew I needed to go deeper to solve this and boy did you deliver. The idea of exploring my soul aligned purpose as a way to find clarity seemed like exactly what I needed. Before we started working together I was apprehensive as I wanted to find clarity so much and had yet to achieve this. When working together I felt like I could let go, and let you lead, I trusted your guidance and I think this was key to the success of our sessions. I loved the quiet, focused space that you created and your guided mediatation was excellent and something I will go back to in the future. What I have gained from these sessions is a deep sense of exactly what it is I am supposed to do, who I am supposed to work for and how to reach out to them as well as knowing in my bones what I am great at and what sets me apart. This work you do is amazing and I can’t thank you enough for it.

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