Testimonials Hailey Noa
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After working with Hailey she helped me gain the insight to the areas in my life that I wanted to work on and what was truly most important to me! I swear I had a breakthrough in our first session where I realized that I was sabotaging and lacking confidence in myself that was coming from a place of body shame. Hailey helped me to set a plan and start working on that area first. I’m proud to say I’ve come leaps and bounds since then! Thanks Hailey!

Lauren – Australia
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Hailey is such a ray of light. When we met I was going through quite a difficult time. Not only was she able to provide me with compassion and understanding but she also helped me dig deep and unpack my emotions. She helped me get clarity on what it really was I wanted and shift my mindset into a much more positive place. I would highly recommend working with Hailey, I feel truly blessed she came into my life at the most perfect time.

Ashleigh – Indonesia / UK

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I feel so much better I feel after our session. It’s amazing what came up isn’t it, I had no idea what was there bothering me, thank you for helping me get myself sorted. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and colleagues, I think you have a natural talent of helping others and such a calming way to make others feel relaxed. I will be in touch for another session soon I will get done what you’ve said for now and let you know what happens!! Thank you!

Ruth – UK

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I was fortunate enough to meet Hailey and had decided to invest in her coaching me. The value she has provided me and the breakthroughs I’ve achieved with her have been PRICELESS!

She is such a compassionate individual that has much wisdom under her belt. She always manages to pick up the underlying root to any conflict I had presented her with. She and I connected right away and her patience with my high energy, plus ability to balance that out has been exceptional!

If you are seeking direction and know you have a purpose larger than what you’re living right now, Hailey is your girl!

Thank you, Hailey, for making such an impact in my world, heart and success!

Jayme – USA