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Do you want to connect to your Soul so you can find healing, meaning and/or purpose? I can help you with this. Scroll down to discover my offerings, or click on the buttons below to jump to the info.

Mini Session: Hailey


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Private cacao ceremony in Amsterdam, 1:1, Hailey Noa

1:1 Private Cacao Ceremony

Enjoy a private 1:1 cacao ceremony. Includes a custom-made cacao ceremony journey.  

Cacao Ceremony Amsterdam

Group Cacao Ceremony

Every month, you can join a cacao ceremony in Amsterdam in a group setting. 

Mini Session: Hailey

Hire me to host your ceremony

Add a cacao ceremony to your party, bachelorette, Mom Blessing, PR-event, business event or festival.

Shamanic Soul Session

Coaching, Reading,

Receive messages from the spirit world for clarity, healing, guidance and flow.  This session is the perfect mix of coaching, receiving a reading and shamanism. 

Mini Session: Hailey

Soul Purpose Ceremony

Find your Soul Purpose

Mini Session: Hailey

If you’ve been wondering what your purpose is on this earth, the Soul Purpose Ceremony is for you. In a ceremony setting, you will connect to your Soul so you can discover your unique purpose and mission in this lifetime.


Courses & Programs

all online

Mini Session: Hailey


Find out what you truly want in only one afternoon! A self-paced online course that will allow you to know what you want for once and for all!

Mini Session: Hailey


A 6-week group program in which you get to uncover what your unique Soul Purpose is, and how you can turn this into a meaningful career. 


As a certified Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, Shamanic Healer, and Soul Purpose coach, I offer various tools to help you connect to the wisdom of your Soul.

I believe that everything you need in life, you can find it within yourself. Sometimes you just need a little nudge in the right direction.

With tools like cacao ceremonies, Soul Journeying, shamanism and coaching, I help you find the answers within.

I have helped over 150 people get in touch with their Soul and purpose. It would be an honor if I can help you too.

Hi, I'm Hailey!

I help you connect to your Soul and Purpose
through cacao ceremonies, Shamanism, and coaching.

Mini Session: Hailey

All topics are welcome

A 1:1 cacao ceremony can give support with all kinds of question, so there is no limited to that.

Whether you’d like to receive guidance of in the areas of work,  relationships, health, finances or something else, all topics are welcome.

Surrender and dive deep

In the intimate setting of a 1:1 cacao ceremony, it can be easier to fully surrender, open up and dive deeper in yourself. This allows you to receive powerful and transformational insights from a ceremony.

You will also have my direct guidance. I assist in interpreting experiences, can give further guidance and offer integration strategies for the ceremony in your daily life.

Trust that in this intimate space, you’ll find the insights you long for.

what's in this course


video lessons

You will learn all the steps and the psychology behind uncovering your truest desires.



Put everything that you learn in the lessons to practice with the 5-step exercise that build on each other. Do them all, and you will know what you really, really want!



Everything that you need for your breakthrough in one place!


These amazing bonuses

Bonus 1

Clarity Meditation

This powerful meditation will help you discover what you want.

Bonus 2

Clarity checklist

This checklist will help you figure out what you want in less than 5 minutes. 

bonus 3

Mini training
"How to set goals"

Everything that you need for your breakthrough in one place!

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Free course!

How to connect to your soul purpose

Learn the 3 steps that you need to take to discover what your Soul Purpose is!

Sign-up for the free course, learn the steps, and start uncovering your Soul Purpose!



Uncover What You Want

Figure out what you want in life in just one afternoon.

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