How you childhood dream jobs can lead you to your purpose -

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Not sure if changing careers is the right step for you?

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Not sure if changing careers is the right step for you?

How you childhood dream jobs can lead you to your purpose

by Hailey Noa

What did you want to become when you were a child? I wanted to become many things. One job I was really set on for some time, was becoming a psychologist. I wanted to help people improve themselves and I thought I would be really good at that. I never ended up studying psychology. I ended up going to law school. Because I wanted to help people, of course. But a very important reason for me to switch, was because I thought that this would give me the most (financial) security.

Holding on out of fear

Even though later on I realized that the law wasn’t for me, I still wanted to hold on to this job. I was scared that I would lose my financial security and status if I would let go. So, even though I knew being a lawyer wasn’t my purpose, I was holding on to that job that I hated for dear life. I was scared that my life would fall apart if I would let go.

Eventually, life brought me to my knees. I got burned out because of the hard work environment I was working in and old childhood traumas. When that happened, I had no choice but to surrender to the fact that the law wasn’t for me. That is how my search for a new meaning started.


Today, I work as a coach. Sure, this is not the same as a psychologist, but there are similarities between the two. This comes to show that you never know which of your childhood dream jobs might be one that you will pursue later in your life.

3 questions that will help you examine your childhood dream jobs

Maybe there is a career switch that you have been wanting to make. Or maybe you want to do something with that feeling that is deep down telling you that you are not living your dream life.

There is no time like the present, so don’t ignore that feeling, but examine it! And use your childhood dream job as an inspiration. You can do this by asking yourself:

  1. What were your childhood dream jobs?
  2. Why were they your dream jobs?
  3. How can you translate these dream jobs to something you might want to do today?

Don’t be afraid to be creative. If you wanted to become a journalist as a child, maybe today you can become a blogger. Really, the world is your oyster, so explore!

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You’ve got this. Go get it!

Hailey Noa, Soul Purpose Coach


I help female entrepreneurs create the successful, impactful and fulfilling business of their dreams through mindset, Soul Purpose and manifestation.
It’s my mission to connect you to your inner power so that you can create the business you’re meant to have!

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Free Course!

Not sure if changing careers is the right step for you?

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