How I found my purpose through conscious living (and this could also work for you) -

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Not sure if changing careers is the right step for you?

How I found my purpose through conscious living (and this could also work for you)

by Hailey Noa

 few years back I went through a difficult time. I got burned out due to my work environment and childhood traumas. This is how my journey of self-discovery, healing and purpose finding began. During my healing process, I discovered that living consciously* helped me heal and helped me get in touch with my higher purpose. For me conscious living It helped me get back on my feet and to become a happier person.

Because I truly believe, that living consciously can help you find your purpose, I want to share my story about how this worked for me.

If you want to know how I use the basic principles of conscious living in my coaching, skip ahead to the end of the blog. (But it would, of course, be better to read the whole blog for the full experience 😉 ).

It gave me new sense of awareness

One thing that I discovered early in my conscious living journey, is that it gave me a new sense of awareness. Before I became more conscious about my consumption patterns, I was living on the autopilot. I would buy stuff that I didn’t need or really want all the time. I would buy it because it was cheap or because I needed the rush of buying something new. After shopping, I would feel depressed or guilty, because I spend money I didn’t have on things I didn’t need.

When I became aware of the fact that every product that I buy affects a person/animal/the world to some extent, it made me aware of my own responsibility when it comes to my consumption patterns.

The last thing that I want in life is to suffer. Therefore, I also would not want anyone else to suffer. I realized that with buying things that were produced in a harmful way, indirectly I contributed to that harm. By only buying things that are made in a loving a compassionate way, I contribute to love and compassion. And that is exactly what I want.

 After realizing this, I went from mindless consuming to conscious and aware consuming.

Ever since, I buy a lot less things. When I do buy things, I make sure it is something that I need and that I am also going to use.

 It made me feel good and raises my vibrations

This ties in beautifully with my previous point. Conscious living and consuming makes me feel good. It feels good to know that my purchase has had a positive impact on a person’s life, the earth or has saved an animal.

Doing something positive raises your vibrations.  This means that you basically radiate positive energy. This makes you feel good, and because of that, you will attract more good things in your life.

A simple change in how you consume, can have such a big impact on your life on an energetic level. By doing good you start to feel good. This makes you want to do good even more. Because of that, you start to attract good things, which makes you feel good again, and so on.

This is how conscious living and consuming leads to an upward spiral for you and for the people/animals/earth who are being blessed because of your conscious decisions. I guarantee, if you start to make conscious decisions, you will experience the same. 

It makes me feel connected with others and the world

Living and consuming consciously gave me a new sense of connection to the earth and all beings on the earth. My decisions don’t only affect me. They also effect the people/earth/animals who were involved in the production process.

When I buy something or eat something, it is not just about me anymore. I have already said this, but with my consumption patterns I can change someone’s reality. When I buy conscious produced clothes, I have a positive impact on the people who made my clothes. When I choose to eat vegan, I have a positive impact on the life of animals, because I decrease the demand for animal products.   

I have the opportunity to bless someone everytime when I open my wallet. This awareness makes me feel connected with everyone and everything around me. This makes being on this planet a lot more enjoyable!

I can help and inspire others through my lifestyle

What I have noticed over the years, is that many people are really curious to hear how I make conscious decisions. Most people I talk to, want to make conscious decisions themselves, but don’t know how. By sharing what I know, I can help people to create changes in their lives as well.

This leads to a positive ripple effect. Because they will start to feel good and connected as well. This will make people in their environment curious about their new mindset and lifestyle. They can go on to inspire them to make changes too.

How can living consciously help you find your purpose

Living consciously helped me heal. It gave me a new sense of awareness. Instead of living on the autopilot, I became more present in my life and how I show up in the world. The changes that I made because of that new sense of awareness, made me feel more connected and made me feel good. Because of that, I have been able to help and inspire others.

In this upward spiral of doing good and feeling good, I found my purpose: helping women who feel stuck in their life find their purpose. 

When you start to make changes to your consumption pattern that are more conscious and sustainable, you will also come in this upward spiral. This will help you get clarity on who you are, and what you want in life.

Why I use the basic principles of conscious living in my coaching

I use the basic principles of conscious living in my coaching method, to help you create a new sense of awareness, that will help you find your purpose. Also, when you feel good and connected to others, it will make it easier to discover what lightens you up and what your purpose is. It is a way to raise your vibrations and to get in touch with who you truly are.

Your purpose doesn’t have to be related to sustainability, but it can be

Working with me doesn’t mean that the only subject of our sessions will be conscious living.

The main topic of our sessions will be you, and we will work on finding your purpose. Your purpose doesn’t have to be related to sustainability, but this can be a result of our work. The awareness that you gain through conscious living will help you in your process of purpose finding.

Need any help?

If you are feeling stuck in life and you don’t know what your next step in life needs to be, feel free to ask me for help. I offer a free 30-minute discovery call in which we will discover what is keeping you stuck and what you will need to step into your purpose. Book your free call here.


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* For me, conscious living is a magical cocktail. It entails sustainability, mindfulness, yoga, meditation and the Law of Attraction. In this blog, I focus on one aspect of what I call conscious living: sustainability and how this has helped me to become more aware and find my purpose. Know, that for me sustainability is one of the ingredients of the magical cocktail that is called conscious living :-).

Do you live conscious in any way?

How i found my purpose through conscious living
Hailey Noa, Soul Purpose Coach


I'm a Soul Purpose Expert, Cacao Guardian, Mantra Musician and Spiritual Mentor.

I help you experience your Soul with the help of cacao ceremonies, Soul journey meditations, and coaching. Because you are meant to do amazing things on this earth, and your Soul knows what it is!

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