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Not sure if changing careers is the right step for you?

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Not sure if changing careers is the right step for you?

Can’t leave a miserable job because of the money?

by Hailey Noa

Maybe you recognize this. You have a job, a career maybe. You went to college to acquire the skills you needed in order to do the work that you do. You worked long and hard for it. And now that you are that doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc. that you thought you wanted to be, life just isn’t what you imagined it to be.

Your job just doesn’t make you happy. Heck, most days it makes you feel miserable. But what are you gonna do about it?

You have worked hard to get where you are and to finally get the income that you’ve always dreamt of. Your lifestyle matches your income. Leaving your job to follow your heart’s desires would probably mean that you’d have to give up the salary slip that you have grown attached to. So, what do you do? Do you choose the chance for a happier life or do you choose to stay miserable in your job because the pay is too good?

I get it. I was there too

Let me start off with saying that if this is a dilemma that you are facing, I get it. Upping and leaving everything that you’ve worked so hard for, is easier said than done. When I decided to leave my legal career, I went on to teaching yoga and blogging. I made some money, but nearly not as much as I did when I was still in my 9 to 5.

Yes, sometimes that was hard. I had always promised myself that I would never rely on the paycheck of my boyfriend, but at that point, I did. I wasn’t able to afford everything I did when I still worked, and yes, sometimes, that sucked.

But you know what, being miserable in my job also sucked. It sucked balls. Those years in which I earned less, were all worth it. I had less money, but girl, I was the happiest I ever was. No money in the world could have made up for how terrible I felt when I was still in my job.

This time of my life showed me that happiness really is an inside job. I realized that I didn’t need things and status to be happy. I needed to feel good. And that made me happy. All the money in the world could not have bought me the relief and freedom I felt when I finally had the courage to leave my job.

What you have is important, not how you feel

In our current society, you are what you have. No wonder we grow attached to our job titles, money and status. We are imprinted to work for the highest possible achievements. We learn that only when we achieve things, we are successful. We also learn that it is important to be successful. So, that is what we aim for from a young age. We want to be the best and we want to have the best.

What we don’t learn is how to be happy. Somehow, this doesn’t seem to be something that is top of mind in our school systems and in our careers. What you have is important, how you feel isn’t.

Golden Handcuffs & comfortable misery

At some point, we can find ourselves in “golden handcuffs”. This is when you stay in a job that makes you unhappy, but you stay because the benefits are good. Your job makes you miserable, but the security it brings gives some level of comfort. So you stay in your comfortable misery. You are chained to your job and you can’t get out of it. Or at least, it feels like you can’t.

On your death bed, you won’t wish that you’ve made more money

The choice is really up to you. Do you stay in that unhappy life or do you take the chance for a life that is exciting and fulfilling?

When the day comes that you are about to take your last breath, do you want to regret the things that you did do or the things that you didn’t do? On a their deathbed, people hardly ever think “I wish I made more money” or “ I wish I worked more”. A research done in retirement homes has shown that people do regret that they didn’t enjoy their lives more or that they pursued their dreams.

You can make even more when you are living out your purpose

Can't leave a miserable job because of the pay? 2

You can always make more money. Heck, I actually believe that by not living out your lives purpose, you are losing money. You might need to take a few steps back in the beginning, but when you are doing the thing that you love, the possibilities are endless. So, if part of your dream life is being wealthy or financially stable, you will be. You can do everything you set your mind to!

No money in the world can make up for you being unhappy

If your job is not making you happy, please, don’t ignore it. There is really no money in the world that can make up for you being unhappy. It doesn’t have to be like that. And I know for sure, that deep down inside you know this to be true.

You know that you are made for more. For something better, something more exciting. Don’t ignore your souls crying. Even if the journey after you have left your job is challenging. It will all be worth it. I promise.

Create an exit plan

If upping and leaving your job is too scary for you, make an exit plan. Here are some examples of this that you can figure out before you leave your job:

  • Maybe you need to save some money first before you feel comfortable to quit.
  • Maybe you need to talk to your spouse or family members first so you know that you are supported while you don’t have a job.
  • Maybe you need to cut back on some expenses, so you can create the financial leeway to be out of a job for a while.
  • Maybe you’ll want to hire a coach who can help you uncover what it is that you want to do next, so you’ll know what to do once you’ve left your job.

Let me help you, book a free purpose breakthrough call

Hopefully, you feel ready to say YES to your souls’ callings and you are ready to start living your purpose. But maybe at the same time, you have no idea what your purpose is. All you know is that your current life isn’t it. I feel you, girlfriend. This is exactly what I help my clients with.

If you could use some help with figuring out your purpose and gain the confidence that you need so that you can create your dream life, let me know. You can book a free Soul Purpose Breakthrough Session with me. In this call, we will figure out why you haven’t yet been able to get clarity on your purpose. We will talk about what fears might be holding you back from stepping into your purpose and what you’ll need to break free from them. Also, we will explore what life will look like when you have the confidence and clarity that you need to step into your light.

You can get access to my calendar here or by clicking on the image below.

Free purpose breakthrough call

I can’t wait to talk to you babe.

You’ve got this, girlfriend!

Cant leave a miserable job because of the money?
Hailey Noa, Soul Purpose Coach


I'm a Soul Purpose Expert, Cacao Guardian, Mantra Musician and Spiritual Mentor.

I help you experience your Soul with the help of cacao ceremonies, Soul journey meditations, and coaching. Because you are meant to do amazing things on this earth, and your Soul knows what it is!

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Not sure if changing careers is the right step for you?

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