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Imagine a place where you can find
all the answers to your questions ​

A place that is so wise, loving and sacred and that always gives you exactly what you need. Wouldn’t that be an amazing place to go to?

Well my dear, this place already exists within you: it is your Soul.

The Soul

Your Wise & Ancient Self

Your Soul is the part of you that is free from any limitation, that is connected to both heaven and earth, that is pure wisdom and that knows who you are and what you’re meant to do. 

Your Soul is always there to guide and support you in life. 

By tuning into your Soul, you can receive clear answers, guidance, and visions that will help you in life. 

The best way to experience your Soul is in a cacao ceremony.

Introducing the...

Cacao Ceremony

Experience your
heart & Soul

Cacao ceremony amsterdam

A cacao ceremony is a sacred shamanic ritual that has been gifted to us by the Mayan and Aztec tradition. Cacao helps you to awaken spiritually. It quiets the mind, opens your heart and brings you in touch with your true self. 

From this place of deep connection, you can tap into the wisdom of your Soul and receive the guidance and insights that you’re longing for. 

In a cacao ceremony, you drink ceremonial cacao with a clear intention for guidance. After that, you journey into yourself with the help of a Soul Journey meditation, breath work, music and/or ecstatic dance. 

The loving Spirit of Cacao will guide you to your true essence and give you everything you’re longing for and more!


Mini Session: Hailey

What to expect

How a cacao ceremony is performed

During a cacao ceremony, you drink a ceremonial dose of cacao (35 grams), after you’ve set your intention for your ceremony and soul journey.

After drinking the cacao, you will be led into a transcendent Soul Journey meditation. During this guided meditation, you will go on an inner journey in which you will tap into the wisdom of your Soul with the help of mother cacao. From this place you can receive the answers and insights that you’re longing for.

In my ceremonies I also use music, singing and sound meditation. These vibrations will help to open you up. This will help you experience the magic of mother Cacao even more. There will also be sharing in the circle, and (journaling) exercises. 

After the cacao ceremony, you will feel relaxed, energized, connected, happy, and maybe even a bit enlightened.

Please note: cacao is not a drugs or psychedelic. Cacao is a safe plant and won’t make you high or hallucinate.

What you will experience

A cacao ceremony is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Open your heart and connect to your Soul
  • Quiet your mind and relax
  • Release and overcome emotional, mental and energetic blockages
  • Experience peace
  • Get new clarity, insights and inspiration.
  • Find the answers to deep inner questions. 
  • Know yourself and purpose.
  • Do something positive for yourself

Join my upcoming cacao ceremony

in Amsterdam

When: Sunday 20 November, 2022

Where: Prinsengracht 493, Amsterdam (Bluebirds Centrum)

Time: 11:00 – 1330 (make sure you arrive 15 minutes early, so at 10:45)

Price: €36/€45
(€9 Early Bird discount till November 10. Code : EARLYCACAO)

Book you cacao ceremony

Prepare for your Cacao Ceremony

Keep this in mind

Consult your doctor if you want to join a ceremony but are not sure if this is suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Is ceremonial cacao safe?

Cacao is a safe plant medicine. It is not a drug or psychedelic, so it won’t make you high or hallucinate. 

There are however some contraindications for drinking cacao. It is not advice to drink cacao if:

  • You’re pregnant
  • Have severe heart problems
  • Are on a high doses of antidepressants that contain MAO
  • Use medication against high blood pressure.

Consult your doctor if you want to join a ceremony but are not sure if this is suitable for you.

Can I eat before a cacao ceremony?

To make sure you experience the cacao the best, the following is advised:

  • Don’t drink any coffee on the day of the ceremony.
  • Don’t eat anything at least 3 hours before the ceremony.
  • Don’t drink any alcohol or use drugs the day before and on the day of the ceremony.
What ingredients are in the cacao?

Ceremonial cacao is made out of 100% pure cacao.

Because this makes the drink really bitter, I will add a couple of ingredients to make the cacao sweeter, so it is more pleasant to drink it.

These are the ingredients that I use at the moment:

  • Cardamon
  • Cinnamon
  • Agave
  • Apricot paste
  • Cayenne

This blend is 100% vegan. 

If you’re coming to my ceremony, and you are allergic to any of these ingredients, please let me know at least 2 days in advance, so I can adjust the blend for you.

What will I experience during a cacao ceremony

What you will experience during a cacao ceremony, can be  different each time.

On a physical level: cacao opens up the heart, and increases the blood flow. Because of this, it can be that you will experience a faster heart beat. Cacao will make you feel energized, and happy.

On a spiritual level: cacao helps to quiet the mind, and connect you to your heart and Soul. You can receive insights, ideas, and visions. 

You can continue to experience the clarity and guidance of cacao up to 2-3 days after a ceremony. 

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