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“Success, in life, is most easily measured by the number of days you are truly happy.”

– Eric Edmeades

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Hi! I am Hailey, a Dutchie from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I share my home with my hubby and my two bunnies Uk and Lizz. One of my favorite things to do is smiling. Also, I have a minor Netflix addiction and a serious obsession with French fries.

I have a passion for the earth and sustainability, animals (that’s why I am vegan) and fair fashion. Multiple time per week you can find me upside down in a pole or on my yoga mat.  As a pole dance, sport and yoga teacher I share my love for sports, physical and mental wellness and spirituality with my students.

When I am not teaching, I work as a Soul Purpose and Inner Transformation Coach for millennial women who feel stuck in their lives. I help you find your true soul purpose so you can create the life of your dreams!

I truly believe that everyone has the ability to create the life of her dreams and be the happiest version of herself. Sometimes it can be challenging to discover how you do this. Believe me, I know! 

As a result of mental and physical abuse in my childhood, I suffered a burn-out. At that time, I was working as an employment law lawyer. In this though work environment, my childhood traumas were triggered. This made me leave my legal career. I had to discover who I really was and what it is that I wanted in life. Some might say I had a quarter-life crisis, as we millennials tent to get these days. 

But you know what? I am grateful for all of it. Because it is in that dark and insecure time, where I have found my light. My soul purpose. I have discovered how living conscious and with a positive mindset can change the way you feel and perceive the world. I have discovered how with ingredients like yoga, mindfulness, self-development, and sustainable living, you can create a happy and meaningful life that is aligned with who you truly are and not with what society expects of you.  

That is why I am dedicated to helping other millennial women, just like I used to, who feel stuck in their lives, find their soul purpose so they can create the life of their dreams!

In my coaching method, I use techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the Law of Attraction and meditation to help you reach your goals.


“In that dark and insecure time, I have found my light”

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You know how they say “fall seven times, get up eight?” I totally can relate to this saying.

Growing up wasn’t easy with a violent mom who would physically and mentally abuse me on a daily basis. I don’t know who my father is and I don’t have any siblings. I’m not gonna lie, life was tough and lonely.

Despite my circumstances, I knew that life wasn’t supposed to be like this. So, I tried my best at school, in order to create a better life for myself when I was all grown up. I was going to be a lawyer and life would be all unicorns and rainbows from there on out.

Burned out because of PTSD

Well, I can tell you, it wasn’t. The legal field was too harsh for me. I was slowly dying on the inside. I knew deep down that being a lawyer wasn’t why I was put on this earth.

This feeling was confirmed by the fact that this harshness in my work environment triggered childhood trauma’s, which eventually led to a burn-out caused by PTSD-symptoms. I had no other choice but to face the fact that I was never going to be the badass lawyer that I had imagined myself to be as a child. My childhood traumas would always get triggered in a hierarchical work environment and well, the legal world can be pretty hierarchical…

When I came to this conclusion, my life came tumbling down. I hung up my entire identity to my legal career. Who was I if I wasn’t a lawyer? Later, when the dust settled, I could see that my life wasn’t over. Better yet, I got a second chance and life was just beginning!

Life got so much better!

This is how my journey of self-discovery, healing and purpose finding began. Through EMDR-therapy, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and self-development, I got back on my feet. During my healing process, I discovered that living consciously and sustainably helped me to heal and helped me get in touch with my higher purpose. These were my ingredients to not only to get back on my feet, but also to become a happier person.  

Life didn’t turn out how I expected it to be as a child, but now I am on a point where I can say: it turned out to be so much better!

I left my career as a lawyer, to live my true life’s purpose: helping and coaching millennial women who feel stuck in their lives to find their soul purpose so they can start living the life of their dreams.


Because I know what it is like to go for that awesome corporate career, but still feel unfulfilled. Because I know what it is like to know that you are not living up to your full potential. Because I know what it is like to feel stuck in your life and not knowing how to change this.


Soul Purpose and Inner Transformation Coaching

That is why I’m using my knowledge and experiences to help others. In my coaching method, I use NLP, Law of Attraction Coaching, Mindfulness, Energy Healing and the foundations of sustainable & conscious living to help my clients on their journey to their soul purpose and inner transformation.

On my website, you can find free blogs, vlogs, tools, inspiration, and resources that will help you to step into your purpose. Topics related to Personal Growth, Conscious and Sustainable Living and Mindfulness are widely covered.

In my 1-on-1 coaching program, we will work on getting clarity on your lives purpose, create the inner transformation you need in order to step into your light and design a game plan that will help you move forward. You can always book a Free Purpose Breakthrough Session call to connect and discover how I can help you! I cannot wait to talk some more!


Lots of love,


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