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About Hailey Noa

Hi, I'm Hailey Noa,

I'm a Soul Purpose Expert, Cacao Guardian, Mantra Musician and Spiritual Mentor. I’m also a sporty spice who loves Netflix, animals and French fries (with vegan mayonnaise).

In my work, I aim to give you an experience of your Soul. To bring you in touch with that wise and ancient part of yourself, that is connected to both heaven and earth, that knows what you’re meant to do in this lifetime, and that is always calling you.

Because when you live in alignment with your Soul, it will be easier to take in your place in the world, to know your purpose and embody every little bit of who you came here to be.

That is why, I offer various ways through which you can learn to tap into the wisdom of your soul, so you can live a purpose-driven, connected and happy life.

My favorite way to help you experience your Soul is with the help of ceremonial cacao and transcendent Soul Journey meditations. 

Join me during one of my cacao yoga classes or cacao ceremonies. Or dive deep within with the help of my digital products.

It's my mission to help you connect to your soul,
so you can do what you're meant to do in this lifetime

My Story

Where it all began

Ever since I was a young girl, I was interested in the concept of the Soul. I wanted to know what the Soul is, why we are here on earth, and if reincarnation is a real thing. I loved spirituality, dove deep into the art of healing crystals and tarot. I had a strong connection to my soul and was a young mystic at heart. 

But in my teens, I lost this interest. My unsafe and poor childhood, made me long for certainty and safety. This led me to live a life from my head instead of my heart.

I chose a career as a lawyer, in the hope that this would give me everything that I missed while growing up. But it didn’t. My gentle soul got crushed in the harsh legal world, and old traumas were triggered in the work field. This eventually led me to burn out.

Luckily, my Soul never stopped calling me to come home to my true self. I went on a soul search to find my true self.

With the help of yoga and mindfulness, I found my way back to spirituality and living a soul-led life.

I discovered that it’s part of my Soul Purpose to help others awaken to the wisdom and purpose of their Soul, so that they also become who they are meant to be in this lifetime.

This insight made me change careers and I emerged myself into all things of the soul. I learned about Soul Journeying, Soul Purpose, Soul retrieval, the Akashic Records, past life regressions and more.

It wasn’t until I discovered the magic of Ceremonial Cacao and how it helps to connect to the soul, that the circle was complete. I became a certified Cacao Guardian. I also travelled to Guatemala to learn more about cacao and other plant medicine from Mayan Wisdom keepers. This together with all my other experiences and trainings, has allowed me to help hundreds of women connect to their heart, Soul, and purpose.

It’s an absolute joy and honored to be able to do this. And I have made it into my personal mission to allow as many people as possible experience the beauty of their Soul.

I do this offline and online. Offline, I connect you to your Soul through my cacao ceremonies, and yoga classes in which I use ceremonial Cacao. I also teach yoga classes in which I make live music, because music is medicine for the Soul.

Online, I offer various digital products to help you dive into the wisdom and purpose of your Soul.

Everything you need in life is already within you. The only thing that you need to do is tap into it. With the work that I do, I hope to show you how.

I look forward to meeting you one day (online or in real life).

From my heart to yours,

Xoxo Hailey 

Things that I love



French fries



Pole dance



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