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Hi There!

I'm Hailey, your Mindset & Manifestation Coach!

I help female entrepreneurs create the successful, impactful and fulfilling business of their dreams through mindset, Soul Purpose and manifestation.

Also, I’m a Dutchie from Amsterdam. I share my home with my hubby and my two bunnies.

I love laughing till tears stream down my face. That’s really the best kind of laughing! I’m obsessed with French fries and Netflix, I love playing the ukulele, pole dancing and everything spiritual!

When I’m not eating fries and watching Netflix, I work on my life’s mission: awakening women to their inner power so that they can fulfill their Soul Purpose and manifest their destiny life and business.

I believe that you have what it takes to create the successful, impactful and abundant business of your dreams.

The key for this is a strong mindset, being aligning with your purpose, and manifesting from the soul.

But I didn’t always know that….

My Story

The first years of my business I struggled to make an income.
All the guru’s promised me overnight 6k months, but all I got was crickets… 
This made me insecure.
Why was everyone attracting success with ease, but I was struggling?
I was ready to throw in the towel, and make my way back to an office job…

Before I became an entrepreneur, I worked as a lawyer. I chose this career because I hoped that it would make me feel worthy.

I grew up in a poor and violent home and because of that, I craved for recognition, safety and financial stability.  I hoped that being a lawyer would give me this, but it didn’t. My gentle soul got crushed in the harsh legal world, which led me to burn out.

I decided to quit my job as a lawyer to find my soul purpose and turn that into my full-time business.

But what started as a hope filled dream, soon became a disappointment. Life as an entrepreneur wasn’t anything I had hoped it would be. Finding clients was hard, I was hustling 24/7, and I was scraping pennies.


Hailey Noa - Mindset & Manifestation Coach 9
Hailey Noa - Mindset & Manifestation Coach 13
I kept buying strategy courses, in the hope that the next strategy would change my luck. But it never did. I meditated, said daily affirmations and burned incense like my life depended on it, without any result.   Even though I was no longer trapped in an office job, I still didn’t feel the freedom that I imagined coming with being your own boss. I almost threw in the towel (multiple times)…


This all changed when I learned about the Law of Attraction in combination with a strong mindset and soul alignment. This was a complete game changer.

Within 2 weeks after making my first mindset shifts, my business started to grow. After months of no clients, I signed 6 (!!) clients at ones! My mind was blown, and I thanked the Universe on my knees. I was finally able to live my Soul Purpose, live abundantly and help other’s do the same. I still tear up when I think about this!


I cracked the code to success

And now I’m sharing this ‘code’ with you through my coaching programs and products.

Because the world needs you to share your gifts.
Let me show you how you can align yourself and your business, and manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams!

Relevant training

Are you ready to master your mindset,
Step into your purpose,
and create the business of your dreams?

Own your destiny, and take action.

But it can be difficult to know what your Soul Purpose is. And because of that, you pick the career that is expected of you, that is the most impressive or brings in the most cash.

That’s why so many talented women end up in careers that make them unhappy…

What I do today

I help millennial women who feel stuck and lost in their careers,  find their Soul Purpose. Also I help them turn their Soul Purpose into a profitable and meaningful career.

As a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, EFT-therapist and Yoga & Meditation teacher, I have successfully helped dozens of women uncover their Soul Purpose.

My coaching programs are a combination of  ‘traditional’ personal development techniques like Life Coaching and NLP and spiritual techniques like meditation, Law of Attraction coaching, Yoga and Energy Healing.

With my Soul & Purpose Clarity coaching method, I’ve helped dozens of women, uncover their Soul Purpose and leave their soul sucking jobs.

If you want to know how we can work together, click the button below to see the options. 

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