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Hi There!

I'm Hailey, your Soul Purpose & Career coach.

I help millennial women uncover their Soul Purpose and turn that into a profitable dream career.

Also, I’m a Dutchie from Amsterdam. I share my home with my hubby and my two bunnies.

I love laughing till tears stream down my face. That’s really the best kind of laughing! And I’m obsessed with French fries and Netflix!

When I’m not eating fries and watching Netflix, I work on my life’s mission: helping millennial women uncover their Soul Purpose so they can turn that into a profitable career.

I do this as a certified Soul Purpose & Career coach. I’m also a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher. That’s why I use yoga and meditation in my coaching programs.

I believe...

that everyone has a Soul Purpose a.k.a. life’s mission.

that you’re on this earth to use all your potential and make an impact in your own unique way.

that life and work is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, purposeful, fulfilling and happy.

that you believe this too!

But it can be difficult to know what your Soul Purpose is. And because of that, you pick the career that is expected of you, that is the most impressive or brings in the most cash.

That’s why so many talented women end up in careers that make them unhappy…

I used to feel the same...

I was working as an employment law lawyer. And on paper, I should have been happy. Despite my traumatic childhood, I finished law school, and I was climbing the corporate ladder. 

But I felt miserable, stuck, unhappy and lost. I wasn’t able to fully be myself and live up to my potential as a lawyer. Something was missing.

Deep down, I knew that life was not supposed to be like this. I knew that I had a Soul Purpose and that being a lawyer wasn’t it.

And I was right. 

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Nowadays, I help millennial women find their SOUL PURPOSE
and turn that into a PROFITABLE DREAM CAREER.

I want you to know that you:

That’s why I it’s my mission to help millennial women know and live their soul purpose.

My backstory:

How my childhood prepared me for the job I do today.

Hailey Noa, Soul purpose Coach, Career Coach, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher

I’m grateful that my life is exciting and purposeful, but it wasn’t always like that…

I grew up with a violent mom who made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. I don’t know who my father is and I don’t have any siblings. Growing up was tough and lonely. On most days I wondered why I was even alive…

Despite my circumstances, I knew that life wasn’t supposed to be like this. So, I was determined to create a better life for myself when I was all grown-up.

I thought that if only I had a career with ‘status’ that I would feel loved, seen and enough.
So, I did my best at school, and I made it to law school. I even made it to my dream school: UC Berkeley, USA

I was sure that life would be all unicorns and rainbows from there on out…

... but it wasn't

I felt small and afraid in the workplace because of old childhood traumas. Eventually I got burned out. Life brought me to my knees and I had no other choice but to acknowledge that I was on the wrong path.

I was trying to live up to a perfect pictureand expectations that weren’t my own. All I wanted growing up was to be happy and free. But I didn’t create that for myself. This was a big wake-up call.

When I realized this, I knew that I couldn’t stay a lawyer. But I had  no idea what I wanted to do next. I hung up my entire identity to my legal career. Who was I if I wasn’t a lawyer?

That is how my search for my Soul Purpose began.

I used tools like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, personal development and conscious living to reconnect with my soul. This changed the way I perceived life. I came in touch with myself.

In this process, I found my Soul Purpose and I turned my purpose into a fulfilling dream career.  And with that, my childhood desires also came true: I finally feel happy and free.

Getting to where I am now was tough. But I can honestly say that I’m grateful for it. Because it prepared me for the job I do today. And I do this with all my heart and soul.

What I do today

I help millennial women who feel stuck and lost in their careers,  find their Soul Purpose. Also I help them turn their Soul Purpose into a profitable and meaningful career.

As a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, EFT-therapist and Yoga & Meditation teacher, I have successfully helped dozens of women uncover their Soul Purpose.

My coaching programs are a combination of  ‘traditional’ personal development techniques like Life Coaching and NLP and spiritual techniques like meditation, Law of Attraction coaching, Yoga and Energy Healing.

With my Soul & Purpose Clarity coaching method, I’ve helped dozens of women, uncover their Soul Purpose and leave their soul sucking jobs.

If you want to know how we can work together, click the button below to see the options. 

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