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Hi, I'm Hailey!

I’m on a mission to help as many millennial women as possible to awaken to their unique Soul Purpose, so that they can quit their unfulfilling job, and actually do the thing that they are meant to do.

Because, I know what it is like to feel trapped in a career that you’ve worked so hard for, but that makes you miserable. Before I became an entrepreneur, I worked as a lawyer. I chose this career because I hoped that it would make me feel worthy, and like I was ‘good enough’.

My story

My childhood wasn’t easy: I grew up in a poor and violent home. But I  what helped me my inner knowing that I had a bigger purpose on this earth. That is why I did my best in school, so that I could become a lawyer. Despite my circumstances, I was even able to do my masters at UC Berkeley, USA. Which is pretty special for a Dutch girl. 

I hoped that being a lawyer would give me the validation that I was longing for. But it didn’t. My gentle soul got crushed in the harsh legal world, which led me to burn out.

Still, felt strongly that I had a bigger purpose in this world, but that being a lawyer wasn’t it. That is why, on a brave day, I decided to quit my job to find my Soul Purpose and turn that into my full-time business. With the help of spirituality and personal development, I came in touch with my Soul and purpose. I learned that a Soul Purpose is not a job, but a life’s mission. This is how it became clear to me that I am meant to help other women get in touch with their Soul and Purpose too. So that together we can elevate the world and spread love and consciousness.

I know that there are many amazing women who feel strongly that they have more to give to the world than they are currently doing. But they are unable to tap into what that something more is, because they are stuck in a job and expectations that keep them from connection to their Soul, mission, and gifts. With as a result that they stay stuck in miserable jobs, and they don’t use their full potential.


It's my mission is to help you find your Soul Purpose!

It is my mission to help these women uncover their Soul Purpose and turn this into a meaningful, fulfilling and successful business, so that they can quit their job and do the thing they are meant to do! I do this with the help of amazing spiritual and mindset tools like NLP, EFT, the Akashic Records, meditation and much more.

After working with me, you will know your Soul Purpose and how you can turn that into a meaningful and fulfilling business. Also, you will have everything you need to quit your job and do the ‘thing’ you are meant to do.

Things that I love



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Let's work together!

In 3 months from now, you can know what your Soul Purpose is, and you can be taking the first step to changing careers and living your soul purpose-driven life. I will help you unlock your Soul Purpose is, and I will guide you to making it your life’s work.

Your Soul is calling you to break free from the chains that have been keeping you stuck, and step into your purpose and potential. 

Are you ready to answer the call of your soul and step into your future?

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