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3 easy ways to connect to your intuition

3 easy ways to connect to your intuition

Your intuition is your inner guidance system. It guides you through life and tells you whether or not you’re on the right path. Some also call intuition the ‘gut feeling’. Everyone has an intuition. I’m pretty sure that you’ve experienced a situation in which you’ve thought ‘I knew it!’. That was your intuition guiding you. And the more you’re connected to your intuition, the easier it can guide you.

I use intuition in my coaching Soul Purpose and Career programs. I believe that your intuition knows what your Soul Purpose is. Because of life circumstances and beliefs that you pick up in life, you can get cut off from your intuition. And because of that, it can be difficult to know what your intuition is telling you.

That’s why it’s smart to reconnect to your intuition so that you can always tap into the wisdom that you have within you. In this blog, I’ll 3 easy ways in which you can do this.

3 easy ways to connect to your intuition

Now, you might wonder, how do you connect to your intuition? Good question! It sounds very easy, but tapping into your intuition is not something you learn in school. So how do you do that? I have 3 tips for you that will help.

1. Meditate

The best way to get in touch with your intuition is by meditating. When you meditate, you turn your focus inwards. You turn down all the noise of your mind and of the outside world. You observe what is happening in the now. With your full awareness, you observe the present moment.

In the silence that you create in your mind and body during meditation, your intuition can talk to you. Meditation will help you clear out noise that blocks you from hearing your intuition.

2. Journal

Journaling is also a great way to connect to your intuition. Take out a pen and paper, and start writing down your thoughts. When you do that, you sort out your thoughts. And because of that, your intuition will get a chance to come through and send you the messages that you need to hear.

Write down everything that comes to mind. Write in a stream of consciousness without editing yourself. Allow your intuition to come through to writing and receive everything that you need to know. 

3. Live consciously

When you want to connect to your intuition, you need a certain level of consciousness. You need to be connected to yourself, but also to the world around you. So instead of living on autopilot, start bringing consciousness into your every day.

Be mindful of the choices you make, the food you eat, the things that you buy and what you say. Be mindful of your thoughts and how you interact with people. Bring what you value into your daily life and let that be a conscious driver of what you do in life. This will help you get in touch with yourself and with that, with your intuition. The more present you are, the more you are in touch with yourself and the easier it will be for your intuition to talk to you.

Give it time

Meditation, journaling, and living consciously are all great ways to connect to your intuition. But they take time. Losing touch with your intuition probably happened over time. It will also take some time to restore that connection. So, don’t give up if after a week of trying you haven’t seen any results.

You also can’t get a six-pack by going to the gym once a month. It’s the same with your spiritual practice. It’s a muscle that you can train if you do the work. So give yourself this gift and start connecting to your intuition. You’re worth it!

Now I’d love to hear from you: which of the 3 tips are you going to try first? Leave your reply in the comment section!

Hailey Noa, Soul Purpose Coach


I’m the coach for the millennial woman who’s ready to know and live her Soul Purpose. That’s why I help you uncover what you’re meant to do in life and turn that into a profitable dream career. Enjoy the free blogs and videos that will help you with this!

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3 easy ways to connect to your intuition

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